Who I Am


Release Date: 11.20.20
Please note that order will be received on or around that date.Dynamic album! In Who I Am, Tim Atwood comes to life!  Tim showcases his versatility as a songwriter, pianist & vocalist accompanied by a stellar group of musicians including Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie McCoy.  All 15 tracks are stand outs with grooves and feels that evoke every emotion.  This project is both fun and poignant.  One minute you might need a tissue; the next minute you will be ready to dance.

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Track Listing:
  1. Come On If You’re Comin’
  2. Sending Me Angels
  3. Migraine Heartache
  4. Throwback Man
  5. She Treats Me Like A Dog
  6. Monkey Around
  7. Blue Umbrella
  8. Just Because She Always Has
  9. It Don’t Matter To The Sun
  10. Somewhere Stoned Playin’ Pinball
  11. Shortnin’ Bread Rock
  12. Saved By Grace
  13. You First
  14. Put Your Hand In The Hand
  15. One Pair Of Hands

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